TRACY Jarvis

Tracy is a blossom from the heart of the Garden State (Exit 9). She studied Business Administration at Rutgers, then graduated with a Sociology degree from Eckerd in St. Pete. She worked in Arts Admin in Florida & again in New Jersey. In 1989 she met Skeeter & moved to DC where they lived for ten years.

Tracy's cheerful mien & formidable administrative chops propelled her through several successful gigs in the non-profit world, until she chucked it all to work in production.

She worked as an account manager in a post house, producer of industrials & infomercials, researcher, clearance wrangler & shameless fund raiser in DC & later NYC.

When they moved to Tucson for the waters, she pivoted back to arts administration, managing a successful gallery. Moving further west to the Bay Area in 2006, she worked as a program manager and assistant director of business development at the Exploratorium. Settled once more in a production town, she is delighted to rejoin the mayhem.

Mom & Pop Productions 6230-A Wilshire Blvd. # 1184 • LA CA • (510) 529-5961