Skeeter Jarvis

Skeeter Jarvis is a DC native. He always led a peripatetic existence. He moved a dozen times & attended ten different schools before finally getting a GED at age seventeen. Attended UNM for a few semesters before being lured by the siren's song of punk rock. Decamping to New York his colossal self regard was met with equally thunderous indifference. Returning to DC, he prowled the artistic demimonde of our nation's capitol for years as a musician & theatrical gadabout. His day job was print production back in the days of stat cameras, galleys & hot wax. He evolved with the technology becoming a digital desktop production artist.


Ultimately getting a degree in Audio Tech, he morphed into a sound mixer working on news, documentaries, industrials & the occasional local indie feature. He moved to New York where he worked on features & commercials for several years until he had to abandon production for health reasons. Fortunately his desktop skills allowed him to transfer to the emerging NLE technologies.


He cuts on FCP and Adobe Premiere, color grades on DaVinci Resolve & Speedgrade if absolutely necessary. Audio sweetening in Audition or Amadeus. He likes to make pretty pictures in Photoshop & Illustrator. He make them move around in AfterEffects.


Skeeter also writes. While his screenplays often lack a discernible plot, credible dialog or interesting characters, his formatting is impeccable & spelling above average.

Mom & Pop Productions 6230-A Wilshire Blvd. # 1184 • LA CA • (510) 529-5961