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Lana Rae Jarvis is an authentic ingenue who arrived in Hollywood 75 years too late. She was born in Washington, DC & has lived in New York, Tucson & The Bay Area before arriving in LA.

She is an accomplished actor for such tender years. She studied at The American Conservatory and Berkeley Rep Theatre while in the Bay Area. In San Francisco she played leads in The Tempest, Circle Mirror Transformation & Romeo & Juliet. Since moving to LA has studied at Anthony Meindl’s Actor’s Workshop, Gary Austin’s Improvisational Acting Workshop, James Franco’s Studio 4, The Second City Conservatory & Studio C Artists.

She is a voiceover artist represented by Stars. She has appeared on stage in the Hollywood Fringe Festival & at The Sacred Fools. She has booked three film appearances and one featured extra spot in a TV pilot. Her film debut, Youth, screened at Cannes. She wrote,  co-produced & acted in Going First this year.

Beyond acting she has been dancing since the age of five, studying & performing Flamenco, Ballet, Jazz, Aerial, Modern & Pole. She is also a singer/songwriter, guitarist. pianist & ukulele plucker.

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