Who are we

Mom & Pop Productions is Skeeter & Tracy Jarvis, two bohemian misfits who met in Washington in 1989. They were wed in 1990 at District courthouse to minimal fanfare. As so often happens, a child was born, then shit gets real.


Mom & Pop took shape in Washington, DC in 1995. The company name  inspired by the birth of  Lana Rae in November of that year. An amorphous, intermittent entity providing media services in print, digital, film & video. While working for corporate behemoths to earn our daily crust, Mom & Pop became a vehicle to promote our own unlikely projects & help worthy if impoverished clients make the best possible impression with minimal resources.


Fate took them from DC to New York , Tucson, the Bay Area and finally LA, where the now young adult Lana Rae is an actor for stage and film, a proud addition to the family business.


PHOTO: Tracy Jarvis


PHOTO: Michelle Frankfurter

Lana Rae

PHOTO: Peter Konerko

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